NAMA: __________________                                                                                  NIILAI:

A.  Choose the correct answer!

1.   Nina                      : Hi, Icha. How do you do today?

Icha                       : . . . . .

a.   Nice to meet you, Nina

b.   I am fine, thank you and how are you?

c.   Pretty well, thanks

d.   How do you do?

2.   Budi                      : What are you doing here, Ayu?

Ayu                        : . . . . .

a.   I do my homework

b.   I helped my mother

c.   My name is Ayu Wantirah

d.   I’m waiting for the school bus

3.   Seller                    : . . . . .

Buyer                     : Of course. I need an ounce of chillies and a sack of salt.

a.   What can I do for you?

b.   Can I help you, madam?

c.   Do you want to buy anything?

d.   Oh, nice to meet you here

4.   Mrs. Anne wants to buy carrots, tomatoes, chillies, and cabbage in the market. So she must go to the . . . . .

a.   drugstore

b.   library

c.   greengrocer

d.   butcher

5.   Many people like to keep this animal at home. They keep it as a pet. People like it because of its soft fur and funny. It likes to eat fish and hunts mice at home. What is the animal?

a.   dog                              b.   fish                                    c.   cat                                      d.   bird

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